Why A Perfectly Blended Makeup Box Lifts Up A Woman’s Mood?

Makeup or No Makeup is a choice and it shouldn’t be taken for a debate because just the way feminism speaks on how women can rule, it equally speaks of how ruling means they can do whatever they want to do. Let’s just jump up to how makeup can make you happy and happier if […]

Perfect Makeup Guide

Learn A To Z About Makeup!

No matter where you’re headed you need to look complete and confident. Your sophisticated outfit, funky shoes and accessories won’t help you create the auro and statement you wanna create. Know all about adding the finishing touches to your look. You can look picture perfect with the perfect blend of makeup if you follow the […]

Learn Makeup

Holiday Makeup Tutorials: It’s All About The Eyes, Lips And The Face!

Who said holidays are just for fun, they would turn more interesting and gaze filling if you open a YouTube channel of the makeup bloggers and learn some lessons of the best holiday makeup tutorials they give, add it to your checklist before you leave for a vacation or you are to switch yourself on […]

Summer Holiday Makeup Tips

Cruelty free Cosmetics: Truths And Facts!

We all carry hordes of make-up products which are our investments and so dear to us that we could consider dying before losing them! While we lay eyes on each detail of the product we buy often we come across the label “cruelty free” and give a big smile thinking we are using something really […]

Cruelty Free Cosmetics 2017

Must Known Wedding Day Makeup Tips!

If you have dreamy about your wedding plans and haven’t thought about your Wedding Look Book then probably its already late! Weddings are almost synonymous to deciding the perfect look for the big day which includes not just the right wedding gowns, different couture’s but also a perfect makeup choice to embrace the beauty you […]

Wedding Makeup