Tricks To Hide Your Age With Makeup

Age is something that slips by as soon as you’re done blinking twice. No matter what you do, the glow of your youthful days isn’t going to visit you anymore. Spend all your savings but you’re never going to get that ageless look. Learn all about how to apply makeup to remind you of your […]

Makeup Tricks And Secrets

Dash The Party Looks Live Never Before!

Only fancy clothes and shoes will not get you the look you’re aiming for. You need a little touch of makeup. Your makeup should be apt and fit the criteria of the social event you’re headed to. Here are tips you need to make that happen. The Party Look For your face : You need […]

Steps For A Party Makeup

Sunshine Tips For Your Beautiful Face

Women generally have a love/hate relationship with the foundation. Love because it helps in giving an even tone and blemish free skin. Hate because even after spending time and money on applying foundation, it seems as if nothing has been done at all. But it is also true that women feel that they know how […]

Beautiful Face Beauty Tips

Embrace Beauty With These Twisting Trends!

Gone are the days of using traditional techniques for doing everything. Whatever becomes the trend becomes the new technique. The make-up trend is no exception. In today’s the time make up techniques and trends are also changing drastically and very fast. Let us look at some of the trends which have come up and get […]

Beauty En Trends

Make Up: All That A Girl Needs To Know!

It generally happens that girls or ladies know about makeup tips and how to do it but they miss on somethings which every woman out there must know- make up hacks!!! When you have a short time, or are in a hurry and do not want to spend hours in front of your mirror to […]