Beauty Tips For Oily Skin – All You Need To Know!

Blackheads, whiteheads, acnes and pimples, greasy and oily face all the time, these are a few things people with Oily Skin will be able to relate to. Oily Skin is probably the toughest to handle because no matter what you do, your Skin Looks Oily and sticky. I personally have Oily Skin and it would […]

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Beautiful Hair Tips – Smooth And Silky Always!

Your Hair can be long or short but beautiful smooth and silky hair is a dream for every girl out there, is it not? But with increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle with a crunch in time, it has become impossible for us girls to keep our Hair in order. The amount of torture our Hair […]

Long And Beautiful Hair Tips

5 Indian Home Beauty Tips The World Should Know

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that India is home to one of the largest Skin Care Beauty Tips. Why? Because Ayurveda, the ancient study of how to use herbs for medicinal purposes first originated in this country. Check out these 5 Indian home beauty tips and be mesmerized by what your kitchen ingredients can […]

Indian Home Beauty Tips

5 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Beautician Wants You To Know

Starting from the flowers to the dress, you have picked it all and arranged everything to the minutest detail. But you should know that the Bridal Makeup can either make you look like a princess or you might even end up with extremely loud makeup. Here are some helpful bridal makeup tips which would see […]

Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas

It’s Never Too Late To Learn About Makeup

Every makeup addict knows the struggle of experimenting and trying something new every day to look different and their best. One component which can easily increase your makeup level is eyeshadow. Trying out different styles of Eye Makeup is the easiest way of looking differently beautiful for there are hundreds of styles to try. However, […]

Learn All About Makeup