Ways To Contour Your Neck: Reach For An Effortlessly Beautiful Look

Contouring sounds easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is a hard task to contour your neck on your own, with no makeup man or artist. But the outcome if compared with the effort is worth so much more. The whole idea of contouring a neck region and a little below is to make it appear slender, […]

How To Do A Contour Makeup

This Season Make The Runway Makeup Wearable

Every season, the fashion week brings new trends and helps you to re-evaluate to get rid of unnecessary clothes in your closets. The makeup trends are simply jaw-dropping. Be it for hair, fashion or makeup, you always end up remembering those runway looks. Models always tend to look amazing and you are always confused about […]

Runway Makeup Trends

Beauty Products That Work Fast And Shows Immediate Results

When it comes to our looks, we all look for ways that can instantly gratify our beauty. Waiting for weeks or months for makeup products to work is very painful. The only thing people wants from any kind of beauty product is that how immediately it shows results. Beauty products should make us look our […]

Beauty Products Reviews

Professional Micro Needling: Everything You Need To Know Before You Jump Off To Try

To be very honest being a woman is tough, it is a hard task to continue surviving in this world where you are judged by your outer appearance. The constant battle between you and your skin is something that doesn’t always results in your favour. Every woman craves for clear skin that glows without makeup […]

Micro Needling

Cruelty free Cosmetics: Truths And Facts!

We all carry hordes of make-up products which are our investments and so dear to us that we could consider dying before losing them! While we lay eyes on each detail of the product we buy often we come across the label “cruelty free” and give a big smile thinking we are using something really […]

Cruelty Free Cosmetics 2017