All Time Best Products For Sparse Eyebrows!

You must have heard or read of a quote, “Never trust anyone with bad eyebrows”. Well but what about the girls or women who inherit baby brows or thinner brows from their ancestors or for women whose eyebrows do not tend to grow as much as it should. You definitely do not want men to […]

Eyebrows Tips

Shades Mixing For Getting A New Shade!

Investing in good lipstick shades comes invariably to us all ladies. But nothing beats the frustration to buy a huge stock of lipstick and now find one which flaunts our skin. Watching the pile of unused lipsticks lying in front of us with all those glorious shades which don’t suit us well is indeed depressing […]

Lipstick Shades

8 Most Essential Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick is the ultimate makeup weapon which every woman must have! But you must have come across such situations very often when you really loved a shade of red on somebody else’s lips but when you try them on, they do not look just as good. This is a very common problem when it […]

Choosing Perfect Red Lipstick

The Best Concealers For Every Skin Problem

Are you worried about picking up the best concealer for your skin? This is the biggest concern of all the women. The crux behind this trouble is that they all want to look ravishing but without the world knowing that they have put on makeup which is the cause of their flawless beauty. Perfect concealers […]

Best Concealer For Redness

The Importance Of Makeup Applicator And Beauty Blender

The use of makeup started from an ancient period. During those days, makeup was usually worn as a symbol of high status or to keep the evil spirits away. A large variety of natural ingredients were used to get the perfect makeup with many trial and errors. It can be seen that men and women […]

Revive Makeup Blending Applicator