Ideas For Best Foundation For The Skin!

Every skin tone demands different types of cream, toner, foundation and in general beauty products of different shades. Professional makeup artists use various types of products and give various tips to beautify one’s face, and behind all their secret lies the secret of even color matching. Simple makeup tips can drastically change how a person […]

Best Foundation Makeup

How To Do Eye Makeup Using Only Kohl

You find different types of people in this world. Some of the love putting up makeup. Some are too lazy or busy to put up proper makeup every day. But if you would have noticed, the easiest way to look good is eye makeup. Now don’t get scared when I use that term. Eye makeup […]

Eye Makeup With Kohl

Importance Of Lipsticks And Lip Liners

Lips can be cute, naughty and attractive. Lips can complete your look for the night. All you need is the right kind of Lipstick or Lip Liner. Many of you are not very cool with the idea of applying anything on your lips but believe me, they complete your make up. Painting your lips give […]

Lipstick And Lip Liner Kit

Correct Use Of Mascara And Eye Shadow Can Help Increase Your Attractiveness

Beauty is not meant to be defined by age; it is something that women have irrespective of their age. Fact is, the world is much concentrated about our external beauty, and this creates an urge in us to look beautiful externally too. If you’re a woman, you’ll probably recognize the necessity of making your face […]

How To Apply Eyeshadow And Mascara

The Right Way To Use The Foundation To Achieve Heightened Results

Have you ever grinned while looking at a picture of yourself? Not because you look bad in it, but because there’s a visible difference in your body color and facial skin tone. Gone are the times when only special occasions called for photographs to be taken. It is the world of Smartphone, and we all […]

Makeup Foundation Best