How To Apply Makeup

I’m sure that none of us go out even without the slightest touch of makeup. It can be either applying a bit of kajal & eyeliner & mascara or even just kajal & some foundation or with a Full Makeup if we were going for any event. So here are some simple tips on How […]

How To Apply A Makeup Step By Step

Wedding Makeup Tips – Look Beautiful On Your Special Day

Wedding is an auspicious occasion and every bride wants to be a part of it as much as others. It is the biggest event in a girl’s life and most of them desire a grand fairy tale wedding ceremony. When the time comes one has to prepared and all the plans need to be executed […]

Wedding Makeup Artist Tips

Easy Steps To Put On Makeup

Nowadays application of makeup can be easy as there are numerous tutorials for it. However, it is an complicated process no matter how easy it looks. Each of us have their own rules to follow while Applying Makeup. The first is never perfect but there are some easy steps that one can follow to achieve […]

How To Put On Makeup

Easy Tips To Keep In Mind Before Applying Eye Makeup

The trend of sporting Smokey eyes while going to a party or an event is a trend that is not fading away anytime soon. It all depends on how well one can blend flawlessly. However, blending and smudging is not an easy task and hence some tips are to be kept in mind before Applying […]

Applying Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

How To Get The Natural Makeup Look For Summer?

Summer is the time when wearing makeup becomes a huge job for us. In the sweltering scorching heat most of the makeup just melts off the skin and makes you look like a raccoon. It is hence better to keep The Makeup at minimal during those summer days. Here are some Beauty Tips For Summer, […]

Summer Makeup Tips 2017