The Best Ways To Prevent “Cake Face” From Powder Makeup

Working with powder makeup can be quite tricky and a simple mistake can turn a look from flawless to overdone. There are a number of reasons why your powder makeup may be looking cakey and appear to be sitting on your face instead of blending in seamlessly with the rest of your products. From simply […]

A Good Makeup Powder

8 Makeup Essentials For Your Handbag

A li’l touch-up here and there will help you to look fresh and unexhausted all the time, and will make you appear more confident, especially if you are doing a corporate or media-related job. Here are the things which are more than essential to carry all the time with you… 1. Face wash: There are […]

Makeup Essentials For Every Woman

Tricks To Hide Your Age With Makeup

Age is something that slips by as soon as you’re done blinking twice. No matter what you do, the glow of your youthful days isn’t going to visit you anymore. Spend all your savings but you’re never going to get that ageless look. Learn all about how to apply makeup to remind you of your […]

Makeup Tricks And Secrets

Dash The Party Looks Live Never Before!

Only fancy clothes and shoes will not get you the look you’re aiming for. You need a little touch of makeup. Your makeup should be apt and fit the criteria of the social event you’re headed to. Here are tips you need to make that happen. The Party Look For your face : You need […]

Steps For A Party Makeup

Why A Perfectly Blended Makeup Box Lifts Up A Woman’s Mood?

Makeup or No Makeup is a choice and it shouldn’t be taken for a debate because just the way feminism speaks on how women can rule, it equally speaks of how ruling means they can do whatever they want to do. Let’s just jump up to how makeup can make you happy and happier if […]

Perfect Makeup Guide