Dash The Party Looks Live Never Before!

Only fancy clothes and shoes will not get you the look you’re aiming for. You need a little touch of makeup. Your makeup should be apt and fit the criteria of the social event you’re headed to. Here are tips you need to make that happen. The Party Look For your face : You need […]

Steps For A Party Makeup

Why A Perfectly Blended Makeup Box Lifts Up A Woman’s Mood?

Makeup or No Makeup is a choice and it shouldn’t be taken for a debate because just the way feminism speaks on how women can rule, it equally speaks of how ruling means they can do whatever they want to do. Let’s just jump up to how makeup can make you happy and happier if […]

Perfect Makeup Guide

The Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup – Must Know Guide For Beginners!

Applying makeup on your own face is nothing but a form of art. Even though you’re the artist and your face is your canvas, you can’t do whatever you want without taking proper care. It requires some patience and to get the perfect spot on makeup you must abide by some rules. This article will […]

Basic Makeup Dos And Don'ts

Lips, Eyes, Cheek, Face Make Them Look Like They Never Have Before!

There are way too many features on your face that needs your attention. The beautiful high, cheekbones go unnoticed because you don’t highlight it. Your cheeks look flushed and pale for your lack of concern. The color of your eyes isn’t brought out due to the misuse of eyeshadow. So, sort out all these problems […]

How To Put A Face Makeup

Learn A To Z About Makeup!

No matter where you’re headed you need to look complete and confident. Your sophisticated outfit, funky shoes and accessories won’t help you create the auro and statement you wanna create. Know all about adding the finishing touches to your look. You can look picture perfect with the perfect blend of makeup if you follow the […]

Learn Makeup