Eye Makeup For Beginners

Perhaps the most important feature of our face, which needs to be highlighted while doing makeup, is our eyes. The eyes are the window to our soul and similarly it is the most focused upon area for applying makeup. If you’re a beginner in Eye Makeup, then you must be intimidated by all the variety of products available. But don’t worry because we are going to explore some Makeup Beauty Tips for the eyes which will make you a pro with a little bit of practice.

Tips for Applying Eyeliner

To attain the perfect look, applying eyeliner properly is paramount. It is the most important part of your eye makeup and has the power to make or break any look. Before applying the eyeliner, you must use makeup remover over your eyelids. Easy Eye Makeup For BeginnersThis removes any excess oil or grease that may be present, ensuring a smooth application. Use pencil eyeliner as it is easier to handle and is creamier and softer compared to the liquid eyeliner. Keep a face straight and look into the mirror and then outline the edge of your eyes for that perfect winged look. If you are looking for a smoky effect, then lightly smudge the eyeliner to give a more natural look. Make sure the eyeliner is really near the lash line. This makes it appear as an extension of the natural lash line.

Tips for Applying Mascara

Never start the mascara application from the tips of the eyelashes but always start from the roots. In order to make sure that the eyelashes don’t look clumpy, apply mascara more than once. Swirl the mascara wand instead of pumping it while applying. This makes the mascara last longer. Do use an eyelash curler after you have applied mascara and make sure that the mascara is not completely dry but is slightly wet. Definitely place a tissue under your eyes while applying the lower lashes because no one wants to ruin their makeup, right?

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

First and foremost, you need some good brushes to ensure that the eyeshadow application is flawless. Brushes of good quality also last longer. While the flat brushes deposit the eyeshadow, it is the fluffy ones which help in blending. To make the color of the eyeshadow to pop out you can take help of a white eye pencil on your eyelids before you apply the desired eyeshadow color. If you want smoky eyes, then make sure you create a base using some creamy eye pencils. If you want brown smoky eyes, then use a brown eye pencil.

These are some makeup beauty tips for creating attractive eyes.

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