Top 9 Beauty Items You Need In Your Drawer At Work

When you join a workplace, there will be unprecedented plans and impromptu parties that you may have to or want to attend. It can be a difficult/impossible task to go home and get ready every time you need to go out with your colleagues to have fun. In fact, even for mid-day touch ups after […]

Office Makeup Tips

How To Choose Makeup Colors?

There are thousands out there waiting to police you for putting on makeup, but girls, what is the harm in looking prettier and more presentable with the help of a li’l makeup? Remember there are also thousands present; who will drop a compliment on how gorgeous you look always, that will surely brighten your day! […]

Makeup Highlight Colors

How To Use A Makeup Stash For A Perfect Evening With Friends

Nobody would love the idea of looking the same old self in front of friends you are meeting after a long time, and nobody would like to look worse in front of a bunch of friends you are meeting for a night out even if you guys see each other every day. Evening outing is […]

Evening Makeup Essentials

Shades Mixing For Getting A New Shade!

Investing in good lipstick shades comes invariably to us all ladies. But nothing beats the frustration to buy a huge stock of lipstick and now find one which flaunts our skin. Watching the pile of unused lipsticks lying in front of us with all those glorious shades which don’t suit us well is indeed depressing […]

Lipstick Shades

10 Bogus Beauty Rules You Should Break (And 5 You Must Follow)

Every girl who loves to experiment with her looks and try makeup has gone through a time when they had no idea about these mystery boxes and tried them for the first time. From the instructions that taught to apply different shades at different regions, choosing the oil free products, and shades that always glittered […]

Makeup Rules