Scintillating Makeup Tips For The Brown Eyed Beauties

Since brown lacks any complementary or opposite hue in the color wheel, almost all makeup shades look equally alluring on brown eyed women. The depth of the eye color stands out as the ultimate determining factor in regards to the type of makeup which shall look good, i.e. are they medium brown or almost black. […]

The Best Rainy Day Beauty Tips To Stay Flawless Through Out

Monsoons can be a horrible time for your skin and hair. With all the humidity and sweat that accompanies monsoons; it can be one of the worst times for your overall beauty regime. Here are some skin, hair and beauty tips for rainy days to help you look flawless throughout the monsoons. Rainy Day Makeup […]

Beauty Tips For Monsoon Season

Now Apply Nail Polish Like A Professional Keeping These Tips In Mind

While nail art is on the rage and professionals and bloggers are busy uploading DIYs for us commoners to make our nails look like never before, some of us still do not know how to apply the simple nail polish in order. It is very necessary to follow the professionals tips for applying nail polish […]

Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

The Top 10 Makeup Items Every College Girl Needs In Her Bag

The years you spend at college are one of the best times in your life. A time of new crushes, new best friends and the first taste of freedom, these are some of the markers of your college life. It is the time when you experiment with your outfit and makeup as a voice of […]

College Makeup Guide

The Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Makeup Products For Brown Girls

With make-up slowly easing into our daily lives and not being limited to special occasions, it can be a hard time easing into the world of makeup for brown girls. There are a number of things you need to ensure you get that flawless face that does not look too cakey or too much overdo. […]

Makeup For Brown Skin Beginners