The Importance Of Makeup Applicator And Beauty Blender

The use of makeup started from an ancient period. During those days, makeup was usually worn as a symbol of high status or to keep the evil spirits away. A large variety of natural ingredients were used to get the perfect makeup with many trial and errors. It can be seen that men and women […]

Revive Makeup Blending Applicator

How To Remove Your Makeup Gently?

One of the most painful bits about wearing makeup is the process of cleansing your makeup. While makeup can be pretty easy to apply and make you feel very beautiful, however, taking off your makeup at the end of a day is extremely important since otherwise, this can lead to a host of skin issues […]

Makeup Remover Naturally

How To Make Lipsticks Long Lasting?

Lipsticks can be a tricky job and to nail the perfect lips, one has to be efficient. Of course choosing the right color matters, but above all what matters is how you apply it and whether you follow the do’s and don’ts. Trippy tricks to follow: The first tip to follow up while applying lipstick […]

Lipsticks Long Lasting

How To Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner?

Women, from across the world, irrespective of their age is appreciated for their beauty and appearance. Many are born with natural beauty but for the others, makeup does the trick. Applying makeup helps to minimize the flaws here and there and to give a perfect look. The eye makeup is an important part, as it […]

A Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Get Silky Hair Using Food Product!

Silky Hair looks great, doesn’t it? We all crave for silky and shiny hair but in the process of achieving that, we do a lot of injustice to our hair. Chemical products, shampoos, conditioners, hair spa and serums that contain harmful chemicals damage our hair to the core. What do we do about it? Nothing. […]

Silky Hair Tips