Create The Mesmerizing Youthful Look With New Foundation Strategies

Have you ever come across the phrase ‘stronger the roots fruitier the tree’? It is Mother Nature’s golden rule that when the root of a tree is stronger, the tree always blooms better. Would you agree with me if I told you that your Makeup Application Technique also functions in a similar way? Confused? Your […]

Makeup Foundation And Concealer

Reasons That Kajal Is A Must For Your Eye Makeup

Girls from the Indian origin have always sworn by the beauty benefits of organic, homemade kajal. It is only now that the world is coming to realize the potential of the beauty product in transforming the way we look at Eye Makeup in general, and Smokey Eye Makeup in particular. There is a reason why […]

How To Do A Smokey Eye For Brown Eyes

Tips You Can Use To Avoid Your Mascara From Becoming Clumpy Or Flaky

A woman undoubtedly has a lot of Makeup Tools at her disposal but none of them are as important as the mascara. The mascara forms the base of the Natural Eye Makeup, but unfortunately, some of the cosmetic brands produce mascara that gets clumpy or flaky easily. So here we are with some tips that […]

How To Apply Mascara And Curl Lashes

Tips For Rosy Pink Lips

Every woman aspires to have healthy, soft and yes, pink lips. If one possesses Beautiful Lips, it enhances one’s beauty just by an attractive smile. Not everyone is blessed with Natural Pink Lips. Dark lips are a very common problem faced by many of us. It can happen because of various causes ranging from too […]

Beautiful Lips Tips

How To Contour Your Face?

Since the ancient time, both men and women, around the globe, want to look beautiful as it reflects their personality. To look beautiful, they tend to use makeup made of natural or chemical elements. Some women are born with natural beauty and others use makeup to cover up flaws. Due to the advancement of technology, […]

Contour The Face With Makeup