How To Look Like A Gorgeous Ride On Your Wedding?

Wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. In your wedding day, you have to look like a pretty princess. Only getting the dress right does not solve all your problems. You also have to get the makeup on point in order to make sure that the photographs make you look like the […]

Wedding Makeup Artist Tips

LIPS That Spill Ass!

Beauty Tips For Women can be endless and new products get launched every single day. Lips are one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body and it highlights the face. Lipstick shades vary from brand to brand and vary for every skin shade and lip type. From sexy nudes to hot red, lip shades […]

Lipstick Tips

Tips To Do Waterproof Eye Makeup Perfectly!

With the monsoons and the humidity upon us, we makeup lovers are in a fix to get the waterproof look that will not smudge in the rains. Have you ever wanted to do a Smokey Eye Makeup but the monsoons ruined your plan? Do not worry as there are some useful waterproof eye makeup tips […]

Waterproof Eye Makeup For Sensitive Eyes

Best Makeup Tips For An Evening Date Look!

Getting a makeup look right is a tricky thing. Though we know that day look is all about softer nude shades, it is the evening makeup looks that needs a lot of detailing. In order to get the evening look correct you have to decide on a lot of factors to get it perfect. If […]

Best Makeup Artist Tips And Tricks

The Basics Of Applying Eye Shadow In Few Simple Steps

Getting the Perfect Eye Makeup is a dream for many women. Whether you need dramatic eyes or a subtle, classy smoky eye, Applying Eyeshadow in the correct way is a must. There are women who wonder how to do Eye Makeup in absolutely professional way at home. Well, it takes learning and mastering little tips […]

Applying Eyeshadow Correctly