For Attractive Lips, Do Nude Makeover With Kindness

The art of creating a perfect nude lip sounds easy but that isn’t that much of an easy job because a nude lip is not just consent with the shade that you buy similar to your skin tone. Creating a nude lip is harder than it should be but it is worth the effort a […]

Nude Lipstick Shades

Ways To Contour Your Neck: Reach For An Effortlessly Beautiful Look

Contouring sounds easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is a hard task to contour your neck on your own, with no makeup man or artist. But the outcome if compared with the effort is worth so much more. The whole idea of contouring a neck region and a little below is to make it appear slender, […]

How To Do A Contour Makeup

This Season Make The Runway Makeup Wearable

Every season, the fashion week brings new trends and helps you to re-evaluate to get rid of unnecessary clothes in your closets. The makeup trends are simply jaw-dropping. Be it for hair, fashion or makeup, you always end up remembering those runway looks. Models always tend to look amazing and you are always confused about […]

Runway Makeup Trends

Holiday Makeup Tutorials: It’s All About The Eyes, Lips And The Face!

Who said holidays are just for fun, they would turn more interesting and gaze filling if you open a YouTube channel of the makeup bloggers and learn some lessons of the best holiday makeup tutorials they give, add it to your checklist before you leave for a vacation or you are to switch yourself on […]

Summer Holiday Makeup Tips

All Time Best Products For Sparse Eyebrows!

You must have heard or read of a quote, “Never trust anyone with bad eyebrows”. Well but what about the girls or women who inherit baby brows or thinner brows from their ancestors or for women whose eyebrows do not tend to grow as much as it should. You definitely do not want men to […]

Eyebrows Tips