Eyeliner Tips To Get You Through

There is something so incredible about kohl rimmed eyes! Mysterious, alluring and seductive, the blackness of the waterline juxtaposed with the natural colours of the eyes only brings it out even more! Whether you are a makeup novice or an addict it does not matter. Who said Eyeliner is makeup? It is a way of life! And like most things in our lives it has the potential to get messy. But there are few tips and tricks that you might want to have up your sleeves:

1. This is probably the most important. If you are starting out then it is of utmost importance that while doing your Eyeliner especially on the upper lash line, you rest your arms on a solid surface and then begin to draw the line. Eyeliner Tips Small EyesStart from the inner corner and then move to the outer. And if you find it hard to draw a straight line along your eyes, your best bet would be to draw three short lines and join them slowly. This would ensure the line’s parity and make it smoother.

2. If you are a beginner it is always a good idea to start with pencils. They are far easier to manoeuvre than gel liners and definitely the almighty liquid liners! Although you cannot really get the smoothness expected out of liquid liners, it still gives a polished look.

3. Gel liners are a great option too. Perhaps even better than liquids sometimes. However, it all comes down to the brush you use with it. Several brands have really thin liner brushes which make it very convenient to use. Inglot has a curved liner brush, and Real Techniques has a very thin brush with very thin yet dense bristles which gives you a smooth line. It also makes drawing on a winged liner that much easy. The only side effect to the gel liner is that it has a tendency to dry out a bit fast, but nothing a bit of Duraline can’t fix!

4. If you are keen to draw a wing, then make sure you outline the wing before actually drawing the rest of the liner. Ideally you should follow your lower lash line and extend it upwards. If you have difficulty doing so, placing a tape on the side of your eyes to mark out the exact line or holding your eyelash curler along the sides helps you to get a very defined wing!

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